We welcome and encourage professional photographers here at Shades of Lavender Farm. We do not want to discourage the general public from taking cell phone pictures of themselves, friends and their family out in the lavender fields. We love to have you post photos of your experience here at Shades of Lavender Farm on social media and share your love of the farm. In that regard, we also want to allow professional photographers private time in the lavender fields, pine forest and wildflower fields without concern of disrupting the publics enjoyment. Due to this, we have created a system to allow a good flow during "high season" at the farm. Shades of Lavender Farm reserves the right to determine if this privilege is being abused.

Cell phone photography is welcome and encouraged during open hours. We also encourage you to tag Shades of Lavender Farm and share your beautiful pictures on social media sites. 

Professional Photographers:

We set aside time before the lavender shop opens and after it closes for professional photographers. This allows for a more peaceful environment for the photographer and clients. You will see these times listed and our fees in the contract, which is linked below.  Please email us at for available days and times. Professional photographers must sign Shades of Lavender Farm Photography  Contract. Click the button below to download and print our contract. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!